Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Saisho?

Saisho is an online marketplace where prices are governed by transparent and objective market criteria, giving the buyers the chance to acquire original artworks with a clear understanding of its value and facilitating access for every artist to the market under equal conditions.

What is Saisho's Unique Value Proposition?

Despite its relevance in the global economy, the art market is characterized by its exclusivity, lack of liquidity, price manipulation, secrecy and lack of transparency. Saisho seizes the opportunity to create an organized, decentralized, liquid and stable market ecosystem to connect artists, collectors and patrons to change the way in which they sponsor, create and monetize the great artworks of the future.

Does using blockchain make sense?

Though our marketplace could work without using blockchain at all, we thought, why stop there? Blockchain gives us the opportunity to democratize the art patronage by using two different tokens. Blockchain is the only technology that can allow everybody in the world to invest directly in promising artists and monetize their careers in a transparent, fair, regulated and liquid ecosystem. Our goal is to give the possibility to the best artists on the planet to dedicate themselves full time to create new works. It also helps to improve transparency, ownership, copyright and artwork traceability.

What is the main problem Saisho solves?

The art market works as if we were in the renaissance, four centuries ago. The art market is characterized by its exclusivity, lack of liquidity, price manipulation, secrecy and lack of transparency. Until now.

How is this being solved now?

Technology is increasingly important in the art market evolution, but current solutions are still unable to actually disrupt it. They fail to provide transparency in price setting, their regulation and, of course, when allowing great artists to produce high quality artworks.

How does Saisho work?

To buy artworks in Saisho is dead simple. You just signup, browse our marketplace and just buy what you want. You’ll then receive your artwork at your home, perfectly packaged and ready to be placed wherever you want.

To become a cryptopatron is very simple too:

  • a. Buy Saisho Tokens.
  • b. Vote for your preferred artists.
  • c. Invest in your chosen artist.
  • d. Receive profits, artworks and/or services from the artist.

You can check all the details in our whitepaper.

At what development stage is Saisho?

Our marketplace has been in beta in the spanish market since december ’17. There are more than 200 artworks in it of 20 artists and for this year there are going to be more than 6.000 artworks. Our blockchain based features are already under development.

What makes Saisho different?

If we have to mention just one difference, that would be that we are the only online marketplace that sets prices using a fair and transparent market algorithm, based on supply and demand. But there is room for more. We offer an original certificate art, we offer the possibility to resell your artworks in the same marketplace, we have artworks securitization (blockchain based), we offer artist patronage through our tokens, and a lot more.

Ok, this sounds good but, why are you capable of developing this project?

Good question! One thing that makes us proud is that we could assemble an AAA team to materialize this project. We have a multidisciplinary and highly experienced team to be able to cover each angle we should care about. Also, we are partnering with great companies in the legal and technology side, as well as supported by a venture capital firm, so you are well backed as a Saisho user and investor. You can check the core team, our advisors and partners.

In which countries are you going to operate?

We are already operating in Spain and we will be the next year in UK, USA, Hong Kong and many others. You can check our entire roadmap and expansion plan in our whitepaper. Regarding the amount raised, We plan to use a big part of what we will raise in our STO to include more artists in more countries. Click here to download it.

How long will it take to develop the Saisho ecosystem?

The Saisho marketplace and the crypto-patronage feature are already in beta and they will be fully operational in the second quarter of 2019.

How can an artist become part of Saisho artist pool?

Our artists must contact us and pass an application process. Our expert artist committee will evaluate them. Then they will have to accept our conditions, where the main one is to be compromised to produce X number of artworks exclusively for you as a Saisho user.

What are some artists already selling at Saisho?

You can see them here.


What token type do you use?

The Saisho token and the Artist Token are both considered securities. We want full regulation compliance and to play by the rules to offer you as much transparency and peace of mind as possible. That’s one of our core values, for our service and all of our experience.

How many tokens do you use?

We use two: The Saisho Token (ST) and the Artist Token (AT).

What are your tokens for?

You can buy STs in our STO and it will have to main purposes: To vote (1 ST – 1 vote) for the artists that you think they have to be open to be invested in. To exchange them for AT (1 ST – 1 AT). After the polling is over, the most voted artists will be selected and then you’ll be able to exchange your ST for your desired AT of each artist. Those would give you the right to perceive the correspondent dividends each year based on their performance on the Saisho market (see all the details in our whitepaper clicking here). Both of them will be exchangeables in third party exchanges.

Why should I participate in Saisho STO?

Because of these five reasons:

  • We are disrupting a HUGE market ($1,64 trillion) that works like centuries ago.
  • We know pretty well the pain points our targets are suffering and we aligned our core features to properly solve them.
  • Our team is highly experienced in every angle that we have to cover and has already had success in their respective trajectories.
  • We are not just a whitepaper and a nice webpage. We have a working marketplace.
  • We are an already backed startup by business angels and VC.
What blockchain technology are you going to use?

We use the public ethereum network with ERC20 tokens for the Saisho Token and ERC721 for the Artist Token. You can check all the details in our whitepaper.

What value do we provide to an art collector?

An art collector will find in Saisho a fair and transparent marketplace filled with high quality artworks, curated by a committee of art experts where she can buy and sell his chosen pieces. She also can see the performance of the artists she has purchased of to see exactly which is her artworks value. Our business model helps to create a community of collectors and turn them into investors with the rationale we explain in the next question.

What value do we provide to an investor?

Art has worked historically as an investment for quite a long time. With Saisho, you can evaluate the performance of any of our artists, and forecast its future with their ups and downs. You’ll always have their price per cm2 updated in real time. Art collecting in Saisho is an investment thanks to its reselling model. Each piece of art acquired in Saisho can be resold at the artist’s updated market quotation of the moment. Also, Saisho shows all the necessary information for any client to take a fully informed decision on any possible new acquisition. From the evolution of the artist value and their paintings to their positioning and activity in social networks, the career of the artist is shown so that their future evolution could be estimated.

What value do we provide to an art patron?

Our STO will allow to any art patron in the world to directly invest and participate in the career profits of a selection of artists operating in Saisho.

Given that Saisho is governed by a system of prices per artist, whose evolution only depends on the number of artworks sold by an artist, this allows predicting the potential returns that the artist may have in the coming years in different scenarios of the number of artworks sold and, therefore, allows to evaluate today the discounted present value of said yields obtained by the artist before said different scenarios of artworks sold.

Therefore, a definite and truthful value can be given to an artist based on the returns that this generates in the following X years, following the same financial rules of valuation by discounted cash flows that govern the fundamental valuations of listed companies currently. Thereby, it is simple to quantify, under a certain hypothesis of the number of expected future artworks sales of an artist, how much it would be worth to "acquire" the 100%, 50% or 20% of the rights over the economic returns generated by that artist in S in a defined period.

The Saisho STO investors will know with what expected return (IRR) they would get investing in an artist in the SI platform, under a base case hypothesis of the number of the artist’s future artwork sales.

How can I profit from your STO?

You have three main ways: One, directly using them to patronize our artists and receive an annual profit (30%) from the rights you acquired of their performance in our marketplace during the six next year. As we explained in the upper question, you can quantify in advance your returns under different scenarios. Once you buy your tokens, both the Saisho Tokens and the Artist Tokens, you’ll be able to exchange them against fiat or crypto currencies. First, you’ll be able to do it in our own exchange. Then, you’ll be able to do it on third party exchanges, as you can do with Bitcoin or Ether. The third way is to exchange your Artist Tokens for other artworks in the Saisho marketplace of that artist, for custom artworks, masterclasses or other services provided by the artists you invested in.

How are you going to use the funds raised in the STO?

Depending on the funds raised through the distribution of ST, the funds allocation will vary and will allow Saisho to further develop the platform and enter in new geographic markets. You have all the details in our whitepaper, that you can download clicking here.

How much do you plan to raise?

Our model doesn’t have a hard cap, so it will depend on our investors. The more we raise, the faster we’ll develop our product and our expansion.

Which discount do you offer in your token pre-sale and sale?

Currently we are in pre-sale phase and discounts will be announced during our STO phase. Contact us ( ) if you want to participate in our token pre-sale.

Which currencies do you accept to buy Saisho tokens?

You can buy our tokens with fiat currencies (USD, EUR), Bitcoin and Ether.