The Saisho Crowdsale

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In Saisho, we have two security tokens: the Saisho Token (STN) and the Artist Token (AT).

In our STO, you will be able to buy the Saisho Token. With it, you can vote for your preferred artists and invest in them by exchanging your Saisho Tokens for the Artist Tokens of each of those artists.

Check all the details in our whitepaper or in our FAQ page.

Name Saisho Token (STN)
Blockchain Ethereum-based (ERC20) token
Deposit method Ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Fiat (EUR, USD)
Hard cap None

Token pre-sale

Token pre-sale start July 25, 2018 at 15:00 GMT
Token pre-sale soft cap 81.018 STN
Token pre-sale hard cap None
Token pre-sale discount Contact us ( )


The Saisho token price will have a several step increase during the Crowdsale, to provide a bonus opportunity to early supporters. The non-discounted price is 1 EUR = 1 Saisho Token.

Contact us ( ) for more information.


Saisho is a distributed ecosystem made up of artists, patrons, art collectors and art investors who all use Saisho Tokens to fund promising artists careers and profit from it in an objective, predictable, transparent and liquid way.

The utility of Saisho tokens will be multifold. We have analyzed various possible token models, applied the findings to the use cases we identified and designed our tokens to run two key roles within the ecosystem:

  • Funding role for promising artists:

    Saisho tokens will be used by patrons and art investors to fund artists careers and profit from it. First, token holders will be able to vote for their preferred artists. The most voted ones will be open to be invested in. Then, they can exchange their Saisho Tokens for as many Artist Tokens (of each of their selected artists) as they wish, having in mind that 1 Saisho Token = 1 Artist Token.

  • Investment role:

    As a patron, the artist tokens you exchange per your Saisho Tokens will give you the right to perceive the correspondent dividends each year based on their performance on the Saisho market. Both of them will be exchangeables in third party exchanges.

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