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Saisho is the first quoted art market that uses blockchain to support and invest in the next global up and coming artists

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  • Aiming to disrupt a $1.62 Trillion global market
  • Product launched in 2018
  • Global invite in 2019
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Why we created Saisho


Contemporary Art has emerged as the art market's primary locomotive, leading the art market, with a turnover growth of +1,400% in 17 years*, reflecting an extremely dynamic market, reaching up to 12,4% of annual profitability**.

*Source: ArtPrice

**Source: Art Market Research

Global art sales rose to $63.7 Billion last year...

The art market is characterized by its exclusivity, lack of liquidity, price manipulation, secrecy and lack of transparency. *Source: Art Basel & UBS Report

... However, centuries pass and the art market remains the same. Therefore, there is a big opportunity for exponential grow.

Even though the online art market is in constant growth, there are just few solutions that are able to actually disrupt it. Fundamental issues to address are the lack of price transparency, self-regulation and the lack of funds for artists to produce high value artworks (less than 15%- generate enough income to work as artists).

Opportunities & The Future of the Art Market

Therefore, there is the opportunity to create an organized, decentralized, liquid and stable market ecosystem to connect artists, collectors and patrons.

Meet Saisho, the decentralized art ecosystem

Welcome to Saisho, the new decentralized gallery ecosystem

Saisho is the organized, decentralized, liquid and stable market ecosystem that connects artists, collectors and patrons to facilitate the creation of quality works, artistic patronage and investment in artworks throughout the planet.

In Saisho, anyone can understand the rules and why an artist is more valued than another.

This system allows us to determine which artists (according to the market) have more liquidity and which of them will have more probabilities to succeed in the following years.

The first global quoted art market

That's why we created the first art marketplace in the world in which the artwork's price has a market rational, since prices are based on a proprietary algorithm centered on a competitive market and the dependence on the interaction of supply and demand of artists.

Artworks acquired in Saisho can be re-sold in the platform, turning art lovers into art investors.

We want to turn Saisho into a real-time quoted artistic market that works as a worldwide reference.

Blockchain powered

Our STO will allow you and anyone in the world to invest directly and participate in the future profits of Saisho´s artists. Our goal is to give the possibility to the best global up and coming artists to become a full-time artist and having that art generate a sustainable income.

Thus, you can become their patron and participate in their future profits, obtained based on a regulated, liquid and transparent market ecosystem.

Saisho is governed by a pricing system for each participating artist and the evolution of the art work´s price is based on his or her sales. This allows potential STO investors to estimate the potential returns in the coming years within different scenarios regarding the number of artworks previously sold.

How it works

In order to create this art patronage market ecosystem, Saisho works with two types of tokens with different functionalities and characteristics: 1) Saisho Token (ST) and 2) Artist Token (AT).

  1. Buy Saisho Tokens

    Contribute to our STO and receive Saisho Tokens.

    How it works 1
  2. Vote for your favorite artists

    Our token holders will be the only ones allowed to select the artists to invest.

    We will provide a list of all participating artists in Saisho marketplace.

    You'll be able to access and analyze their performance, appreciate their artworks, and obtain relevant information regarding their career and evolution, in order to help you make a decision on your potential investment.

    How it works 2
  3. Invest in your chosen artists

    According to the votes of our token holders, the artists with most votes will be open to be invested in.

    You'll be then able to exchange your Saisho Tokens (ST) for Artist Tokens (AT). As the exchange rate against AT is fixed, the ST intrinsic value will not change between the STO date and the AT acquisition date.

    How it works 3
  4. Profit

    The AT will provide the token holder the possibility to share with the artist the proceeds earned from the artwork sales in S during a period of 6 years, this is, an annual economic right over the 30% the artist's proceeds earned in Saisho.

    The accumulated proceeds from the artist sales will be valued in fiat currency and will be paid once a year to the AT holder wallet in our platform with cryptocurrencies [Bitcoin, Eter] (it will be applied the daily exchange rate against fiat currency of each cryptocurrency in the moment of the proceeds payment).

    Don't want to wait? No problem. You can exchange your tokens anytime in our platform or in other external exchanges.

    Also, you can exchange these tokens with you selected artist (s) for different services, such as workshops, different artworks or professional consulting services.

    How it works 4

Token Pre-Sale started Upcoming STO

Contact us if you want to participate in the Pre-Sale

Use Cases

Jack: The Art Collector

Jack has acquired at a relatively low price a large selection of artworks from his favorite artists and has his own method to identify new talent and to expand his collection without investing a large amount of money.

April: The Investment Banker

April has found an alternative scenario where she can diversify her investments and have a profitability that at the end of the day could depend on her promotional efforts towards the artist, so she is comfortable investing in the Saisho STO system.

Matthew: The Salesman

Matthew has found the system that matches perfectly with his abilities and that explodes the best his professional skills. He is earning so much value with his promotional services that he is considering involving full time in the labors of the Saisho STO patronage and artists promotion.

Barbara: The Manager

Barbara has found the perfect place to hire new talent in the industry of creatives at competitive conditions and has increased her professional performance at her firm due to the better look of the team’s proposals derived of the inclusion of our three mentioned artists in it.

Why Saisho

Experienced and Successful Team

Our team has deep expertise and experience in product and software development, the art industry, investment banking, blockchain, marketing and communications. We also have a strong and committed advisory team and top legal and tech partners.

Solid and ambitious project background

Saisho marketplace has been under development for the last 18 months to disrupt a $1.64 trillion global market. Blockchain plays a key role to help us decentralize and bring efficiency to the art ecosystem by allowing people from all around the world invest and monetize promising artists.

Product already under development

Saisho marketplace is already in beta and being tested in the Spanish market. You can also test our patronage MVP, running in a full blockchain infrastructure based on real transaction requests. Try it now.


Learn more about what we've achieved so far and our plans in the short, mid and long-term.

Start of the company

Business Model

Market Analysis -Surveys-

SPV Legal Constitution

Seed Funding 10k €

Saisho alpha and STO design

Partnering With Art Stakeholders

SAISHO Curators Network

Alpha Platform Testing

100 First Artworks Selection

SAISHO STO Art Patronage Model

Feedback Gathering From Art Stakeholders

Saisho public launch and STO

SAISHO Beta Marketplace First Sales

Legal Framework Design - Legal Advisors Selection

FFF & Business Angels Funding 375k €

Venture Capital Funding 125k €

SAISHO Marketplace Launching

SAISHO STO Launching

Saisho global growth

Virtual Reality Implementation

Artists Voting Phase

First Artist Token Issuance

Artworks Tokenization at SAISHO's Marketplace

Machine Learning Implementation (SAISHO's Rankings)

Big Data Implementation (Customer Experience)

The Future
Let's discover it

Meet the leadership team

Carlos Suárez


Carlos Suárez

Carlos Suarez, founder and creator of Saisho's disruptive market system, blockchain believer, art lover and serial entrepreneur with an Investment Banking (M&A) background with more than 8 years of experience.

Fernando Pérez


Fernando Pérez

Fernando Pérez is Director of an R&D department full of young and talented engineers that has produced many successful hardware and software turnkey solutions with the latest technologies for the last 7 years.

Javier Iturralde


Javier Iturralde Bracamonte

Javier Iturralde (MA Columbia University) is a global thought leader whose work encompasses the fields of marketing and business development in the arts with over 15 years of experience.

Gonzalo Delgado


Gonzalo Delgado

Gonzalo Delgado is the Operations responsible of Saisho Art, with a previous 9 years experience as tax advisor in Big Four and a Spanish Bank. Always interested on venture capital projects as investor or as a team member of projects.

José Mª Guillén


José Mª Guillén

José Mª Guillén, marketing and digital transformation specialist with more than 8 years of experience, is CMO in Saisho, making the marketing strategy. Previously he has been working at Dynamoads SL - RTB real time bidding company - as CEO.

Ricardo Ceballos


Ricardo Ceballos

Ricardo Ceballos, development of cloud services projects (IaaS and SaaS), electronic commerce, payment methods, Drupal CMS and Blockchain on free software platforms with more than 10 years experience.

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